BSC Psychology Colleges in Bangalore - Risali Institute of Management

As one of the few B.Sc. Psychology Colleges in Bangalore, Risali offers you a 3-year B.Sc. Psychology graduation programme where the students learn about various topics such as the theoretical foundations of the subject, child development, Counselling, Human Resource Management, the human Psychology etc.

We prepare the students for their professional journey as dynamic, diverse, empathetic and considerate individuals; which is a mandatory requirement in this field of work. The job opportunities include Counselling, NGOs, psychotherapy, Clinics, etc.

We encourage a space for critical discussions leading to the betterment of the society as a whole. This nurtures our young minds to appreciate new and varying perspectives that is said to shape the human psyche. We also have case study analysis, the use of audio- visual medium, field visit and more included in our syllabus.

We offer one of the best syllabuses for B.Sc. Psychology in Bangalore.

Risali is also one of the best B. Sc. Psychology colleges in Vizag which offers such an opportunity to individuals interested to make this study their career.

job opportunities

Counsellors In:
  • Schools / Colleges
  • MNC's Corporate Companies
  • Software Industry
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Counselling Centres
  • Corporate Hospitals
  • Baby Care Centres & Pre - schools
  • Social Welfare Organizations
  • NGO Organizations

Entry Requirements

  • 10 + 2 / Intermediate or any Equivalent Qualification with a minimum score of 60 %
  • Must have a Passion for Psychology
  • Must be good at English
  • Should qualify in the Personality Assessment Test conducted by Risali