CEO’s Message

1) Risali Communication Corner:

Communication corner is an area on campus that gives an opportunity for students to display their creativity, interests and talent. Students get a chance to express their ideas and celebrate occasions, people and knowledge by writing articles, drawing pictures etc. It is a space that keeps students updated of what is happening on campus and all over the world. It also promotes reading and learning, helps spread awareness and gives an opportunity to present their minds and hearts.

2) Risali News:

Risali News is an exciting and innovative project which focuses upon the Language, News Reading and Team Working Skills of the students. As the part of this activity the students gather the news items, sequence and present them in a professional way every month. It develops the confidence, pronunciation and accent of the participants along with some other soft skills as already mentioned. The Newsreaders are changed every month and the News Videos are uploaded on YouTube on a monthly basis for popular reach.

3) Risali Communication Club:

Effective communication is the secret ingredient behind every success story, may be that is why people say 'the art of communication is the language of leadership'.

As English is the global language, We Risalians, believe that it is crucial for every student to be good at it. Our Communication Club Members (students) encourage English Communication on the campus all the time. They bridge the gap between language trainers and students in terms of finding out the students’ requirements, interests and styles of learning. The members come up with creative solutions to the issues that their friends face in language learning. The purpose of this club is to make the students speak in English in a fluent waywhich happens only with practice.

4) Risali Orators:

It has been the concern of the institution to improve public speaking, leadership, language and networking skills of all its students. Risali Orators is the platform where the students come together and participate to achieve those skills. They take up the roles of Speakers, Grammarians, Evaluators, Timers and Listeners etc to mutually learn the skills of Public Speaking. It is a unique program where every part is performed by the students. Whatever may be the students’ issues, stage fear, nervousness, improper language or body language, Risali Orators guides and prepares. As a public speaking platform, it offers students with multiple roles to play and a variety of skills to acquire.

5) Risali Radio:

Good Communication Skills are a must as far as any profession is concerned. It is all about conveying the message in an engaging fashion and as we know it's not very easy. It is even tougher when communicating with people without being physically present. To train the students on these presentation skills, the institution initiated a unique program called Risali Radio. Here our Radio Jockeys (students) entertain the listeners in a friendly way through their recoded podcasts using the fresh ideas and concepts bringing out the language skills and confidence in students. Needless to say, it promotes love for the language through English Music and Entertainment.

6) Cultural Club:

Real learning takes places only when the learners are at ease and comfortable. To give a break from the regular academics and training, We at Risali, conduct cultural events every fortnight. Along with the relaxation part, the Cultural Club of Risali aims at unleashing the hidden potential of students in various fields like Dance, Singing, Acting, Mimicry etc. The club aims at showcasing the talents of all the students. This talent hunt encourages the students to come out of their shells and feel confident about themselves.

7) Risali Talk Show:

Smart people learn from their experience but the smarter learn from the others' experience too. It is observed that the words of experienced and knowledgeable people lighten the knowledge lamps of others. To achieve the same ambition We, at Risali, invite the celebrities and host talk-shows with them twice a month. The different celebrities help shape the students' understanding of life in a better way. Risali Talk Show gives the opportunities to the students to play the hosts which incredibly develops their soft skills. The talk-show is witnessed by the students in person and it is also uploaded on YouTube for the benefit of all.

8) Risali CSR Club:

Leaders are made not born, and you learn things by doing, not just by knowing. This is the idea behind the initiation of Risali's Corporate Social Responsibility Club. The CSR team of Risali undertakes various social awareness and welfare activities to practically educate the students with needed Soft Skills like Teamwork, Self Confidence, Problem Solving Skills, Empathy and Critical Thinking etc. These activities also encourage true leadership which is the result of works, not of just words. It consolidates our philosophy which is 'doing is real knowing'.

9) Risali Skill Development Program:

Management students at heart, Risalians strive to be equipped with the most important Managerial Skills, Soft Skills, Communication and Language Skills in English working all the while to build strong teams and stronger personalities.

Skill Development Program is the right way to achieve all this and much more at one go. In the form of mini college fests, students get to work on their overall development through various activities and by undertaking bigger responsibilities. Presentation skills, confidence, improvement in body language, manners and etiquette are a surplus benefit that students get by going through the SDP.

10) Risali Times:

Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. We encourage our students to read and go a step ahead and write out their minds. A team of students work round the clock to encourage the rest of the students to write articles and bring out their emotions, ideas and talents. There are different varieties of learners with different forms of expressions and Risali Times aims to give such students an outlet to bring out their thoughts and give them a form. We encourage students to read by making Risali times inclusive and student-oriented. It is hence a great way to boost reading and writing among students, polishing their language skills and helping them develop their confidence.

11) Risali Sports Club:

Sports are of paramount importance in multiple ways. They help us not only with physical fitness but also with emotional balance. Most of the times it is observed that the sportsmen stay fit and calm in situations which are difficult for the common folk to cope up with. The complete focus on present without thinking too much about the future or past makes the sportspeople single- minded and the regular victories and defeats make them stable. Needless to say, the outdoor sports help in physical fitness as stated earlier. Eyeing all these benefits Risali initiated its very own ‘Risali Sports Club’. This Student- Managed Club conducts various indoor and outdoor sporting events to help the students acquire all the positives which sports and games offer concentrating on the students’ development in ‘Sportsman Spirit’.

12) Risali Tech. & Media Team:

The Tech. and Media Team of Risali provides all the technical and media related assistance to all the student activities and clubs of the institution. This unique idea equips the students with the all necessary knowledge on the right usage of the editing tools and social networks. It also trains the students on being responsible which is integral in coexistence. The team acts as the backbone for all the other clubs by editing their work and uploading it on internet to make the presence of the clubs of the campus felt.

13) Risali Explores:

‘Exploration’ is one of the most basic instincts of the human beings. The curiosity or the inquisitiveness which results in the exploration has always been playing an integral role in the overall development of the human existence. To encourage this essential quality Risali initiated the all-exciting ‘Risali Explores’. As the part of this, the students are encouraged to go to different places, explore the nook and corner of those places and make videos on the same for the popular viewership. In addition to places, the students are suggested to explore novel ideas, concepts or trends in the society, interact with people from different walks of life and much more. This project develops multiple soft skills of the students.

14) Risali Health Club:

It is always said that, ‘Health is Wealth’ but the important question is how much we really work around the observation. The notion, ‘I don’t have time for health’, means that we don’t have time to stop for petrol because we are too busy driving on a long journey. Working on health has to be done with great care as good health is one of the most joyous things ever and nothing can really replace it. Having understood the importance of health, Risali initiated a club with the name, ‘Risali Health Club’. This Student-Run Club conducts various activities like regular Health Check-Ups, Awareness Seminars, Follow-Ups on observation of new good health habits and so on to make the institution a healthier one.

15) Risali Kitchen:

Risali Kitchen is undoubtedly considered one of the most discussed student clubs of the institution. The tagline of it which is ‘Of the Students, By the Students and For the Students’ sums up the core objective of Risali Kitchen in a very clear way. It is an in-house college canteen run by the Hotel Management students of the institution. The students, of Hotel Management of course, maintaining the canteen, learn just everything about the food industry. The expertise (which the students acquire while working) over the finest elements of food and hospitality goes to another level after being used and tested on the areas like cuisine selection, indent preparation, production, advertisement, food and beverage service, sales, accounts and so on. To phrase it in a different way, Risali Kitchen assists the students learn the dynamics of the Hotel and Hospitality Industries in a lucid way while filling the vacuum of a canteen on the campus.

16) Risali Insights:

Ideas decide the direction of the world and nothing can really inspire more than the experience. And when we discuss the instruments which channelize the energy of youth, ‘ideas and experience’ are ranked at the top. We, at Risali, believe in this natural process of motivation. And to galvanize the students with their talks full of insightful ideas and experiences, some famous and celebrated people of the society are invited to the institution. The thought- provoking ideas and experiences of the veterans, broaden the mental horizons of the students preparing them ready for the life ahead. The learning from it does not only aim at the progressive professional careers but beautiful personal lives too.

17) Green Risali:

The goal of real leaning is not just trying to solve the issues which mushroom in the day to day life but to understand the causes of the issues and prevent them from surfacing. And when it comes to the matter of environment we need to be very conscious and use the learning appropriately to save nature in order to save ourselves. ‘Green Risali’, is the prestigious project of the institution which focuses upon the plantation and adoption of plants in and out of the campus. Every Risalian raises a plant to paint the planet green which is the motto of this beautiful project. Small steps really make a big difference and this project of ours testifies it.

18) Risali Reads:

It is said that ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies’. Reading is considered one of the best habits across all the age groups. The more we read the more things we come to know. Reading develops the all important ‘imagination’ of the beings which is the guiding force behind the accomplishment of most of the greatest things of the world. To encourage this wonderful practice the institution manages a Student-Run Versatile Library focusing upon the students’ reading on and off the campus. ‘Risali Reads’ conducts various literary events and competitions to make book-reading an exciting hobby since ‘reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’.