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About Risali

“Risali” means “Rise Again” in Italian language. It is very common in our lives to falter and fall but only the determined will recoup and rise again. Falling is not failing but lacking confidence to bounce back is the real failure. So, we are inspired by the meaning that “Risali” carries and named our Institution after it, to inspire many.

Risali Institute of Management was established to provide Academic Education and Skill Training with equal focus, to ensure a successful career to the graduating students. Risali Institute of Psychology and Risali Film Academy and Studios are shaped to provide better Job-Oriented Courses with focus on “Attitude Building” and “Skill Development.”

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project manager

Chairman's Message

Dr. Srinivas. K, Ph.D in Psychology

National Education Leadership Awardee
American Psychological Association Member

Dear All,
Greetings from Risali!

Innately, all students have the capability to excel; but most never get an opportunity to pursue quality education and learn new skills to actualize their full potential. As a Psychologist and as an Educationist, I have also understood and felt the angst and helplessness of the hordes of unemployed youth who used to throng my training and counseling sessions. From then on, I have dreamt of establishing an Educational Institution which can bring about a huge change in the thinking process of students. It’s a well-known fact that right thinking leads to right actions and right actions lead to an impactful life.

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courses offered

Risali highlights

Behavioural Skills Lab

The Behavioural Lab at Risali aspires to understand individuals, teams and larger group (s). In this lab, People and their Internal Psychological Characteristics like Creativity, Concept Formation, Attention, Perception, Appreciation among many other processes will be the focus of study

Communication Studio

“Communication” is today’s buzz word and effective communication is the key to an individual’s triumph in both Personal and Professional life. The ability to communicate in English Language determines one’s success in getting the desired job and eventually building a career

English Language Lab

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) is the natural order to learn any language and hence In our English Language Lab, we largely focus on making the students listen to the language and then speak it. MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) is minimised by intensive practice sessions.

Aircraft Replica

Our Students are trained in the Smart Replica of Aircraft Cabin on Customer Service like Handling Complaints, Dealing with Difficult Passengers. Proper Attitude, Positive Body Language, Good Communication Skills, Exemplary Teamwork, Presence of Mind and Common Sense are inculcated in the Cabin

Grooming Studio

Grooming Standards is highly essential for the Professionals of Service Sectors to be at par with International Players. Grooming plays a key role in creating a positive first impression and thus huge importance is given to impeccable grooming system at Risali

Psychology Lab

Risali is the only institute which has a Modern Psychology Lab, equipped with the latest and some of the best facilities for improving Concentration, Memory, Visualisation, Creativity, Thinking, Confidence, Common Sense, Presence of Mind and Communication.

Personal Counseling by Psychologists

A team of Psychologists at Risali, including the Chairman Dr. Srinivas, provide Counseling to make a profound impact on the lives of students, staff and their families. This service helps them navigate difficult life situations and rise again with renewed energy and spirit

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